7 Tips To Find the Best Men Slippers 2021


Slippers are basically synonymous with summer. If you don’t have a half-decent pair of comfortable Slipper or shower slides in your closet, there are so many reasons to reconsider. The first and one of the best reasons is the value. For around $40, a decent pair of men’s Slipper will last you years, as long as you don’t wear them all the time. Unless you’re buying a luxury brand, the best Slippers typically don’t cost much because their designs are simple and use relatively inexpensive materials such as foams, plastics and synthetic materials. Not only do those materials keep slide prices down, but they also make many slippers water-resistant and unbelievably comfortable and durable for their price.

We will also share with you some key features to look out for when buying slippers, some viable alternatives (especially if you are going to a swanky summer party), along with answering a few common questions men had.


8 Tips To Find the Best Men Flip Flops

1. Intended Use

As for all products, think about what you plan to do with your slippers. The right pair will complement any activity, and determining your primary use is essential.

Casual Use

Casual flip flops are your everyday go-to pair. If you’re headed out the door to grab a coffee or run some errands and want a pair of flip flops, this is what you grab. Your pair doesn’t need any special features but should be reasonably comfortable and durable. If you’re conscious of your look or are headed to a spot where what you’re wearing is important, you could select a trendy or fashion-forward pair.


The American Podiatric Medical Association doesn’t recommend slippers. for extensive walking due to a lack of support, but there are some features that can mitigate the risk of strain and injury. Arch support alleviates pain all the way from your feet to the top of your back. This is because it keeps your arches supported through your stride. This support helps prevent conditions like plantar fasciitis.

Walking slippers. also generally come with a heel cup to help keep your foot in place. For walking, opt for durable materials like leather or other soft straps that won’t cause abrasions or blisters. A rubber sole can also help with shock absorption. These likely aren’t as stylish.


If you’re headed out to the beach or are on vacation, you’ll want a comfortable flip flop that is waterproof and durable – stick to rubber, foam, or a similar material. Avoid heavy fabrics that hold water like cotton. These slippers. or sandals often come with wider straps which can reduce chafing, a critical factor when there’s such a high potential for sand abrasion.

Water Activities

Again, waterproof is important, and fabric is not desirable. You’ll want to look for something that can be fully submerged without risk of damage and that will dry quickly. Arch support is helpful if you’ll be walking or running, though running in flip flops is certainly not recommended. Fit is especially important here as the constant wetness will cause chafing if a sandal is too small or large.  A flip flop designed for water activities will also highlight performance features to account for the naturally rugged and uncertain terrain.

2. Material

The soles of cheap flip flops are usually made with polyurethane, cheap foam, or rubber. Higher quality flip flops are made from cork or EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) which offers a flexible, durable, water-resistant, and shock-absorbing sandal.

Some may be made of recycled or organic materials, and the upper straps are usually made of a softer material like leather, fabric, softer plastics, or suede. Polyurethane is popular among inexpensive flip flops but isn’t environmentally friendly.

3. Size

Flip flops or sandals generally come in typical shoe sizes, though some, generally cheaper models, may not have half sizes. Because of the openness of the shoe, it’s pretty easy to get your foot into one that doesn’t fit, whether it be too big or too small.

Make sure you pay close attention to where your foot is on the sandal and how the straps feel. 

Fit is important if you plan to walk a lot or wear shoes for a long time. A flip flop that is too tight or loose could cause abrasions, blisters, discomfort, tripping, or could slip off.

4. Brand

Many brands to choose from including:

  • Hobibear
  • Adidas
  • Hari Mari
  • Nike
  • Rainbow

There are also a number of luxury shoe and clothing brands that make flip flops.We recommend going with a trusted brand – they’re more accessible and more likely to stand behind their products with a robust warranty.

5. Color/Pattern

Flip flops come in limitless colors and patterns, from simple monochromatic to a crazy neon pattern. Generally, more function-oriented flip flops don’t have many statement options and may just be available in neutral colors. The idea here is to choose what you like but also keep your intended use in mind. A bright standout pair is great for a pool party but not so much for the country club.

6. Price

Flip flops can range from as low as $1 for a really cheap pair to several hundred dollars for a designer pair. You can get a reliable pair to suit most needs for $15-75 unless you’re in the market for a high-end designer shoe.

7. Features/Extras

Here are a few extra features that some flip flops may showcase:

  • Waterproof/Water-Resistant: This isn’t necessarily a given, despite the tendency to wear flip flops near water. Water-friendly flip flops are quick-drying and offer traction on the sole as well as the footbed to avoid slipping around or in your flip flops. They generally feature waterproof straps and often have an EVA footbed.
  • Arch Support: We’ve talked about arch support a few times now due to its importance when walking or moving a lot in your flip flops. Arch support maintains the foot’s arch and keeps it from collapsing onto a flat shoe, which keeps pain at bay and avoids conditions like plantar fasciitis.
  • Bottle Opener: A common feature in Reef brand flip flops, a bottle opener is built right into the bottom of the footwear. Very convenient for enjoying beers at the beach when you don’t have another opener around. 

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