The Best Sandals for Men All Your Summer Looks

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As we continue 2021 with quarantining and working from home, the lowly rubber flip-flop is our shoe of choice as we are freed from dress code restraints (and fuzzy slippers are just too darn hot). Also during this season, this open, cool, and ancient design is our most casual, most practical, and often most affordable footwear option. It’s easy to slip on or off; it’s eminently practical for any places you’ll go to; and it makes a steadfast statement of laid-back style. The flip-flop has evolved from its most basic — a basic shoe of rubber and plastic hanging from a hook at the surf shop — to a modern design concept featuring computer-aided forms, cutting-edge materials, and enhanced construction techniques. We’ve gathered some of our favorites for the season, from state-of-the-art selections to must-have classics to cheap and cheerful choices. 


The Best Overall Sandals


Compared to the Mush, these are much sportier and provide better support. The material is more rugged as well and built so you can walk long distances and even do some easy hikes too.

They have a rubber sole with wide straps that won’t rub the top of your foot.

And while these are not water shoes, they dry quickly if you get them wet.


The Best Indoor-Outdoor Sandals


You won’t feel too bad if you wake up in the morning and find that you blew out a flip-flop if you’ve decided that you’d prefer to grab a pair (or five) of a nice value-priced option. Old Navy Classics will allow you to express your style, and at four bucks a pop, you can have a pair for every day of the week. These come in a variety of snazzy solid hues or, for a few bucks more, a selection of tropical-inspired patterns from flamingoes to camouflage to palm trees. Now, where did I leave that shaker of salt?  

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