Tips For The Best Kid’s Sandals & Slides For Summer


Summer is for sunshine, being outside all day, and, if you’re a kid, going to camp! If you’re a parent, that means you’re probably busy finding activities to help grow your kid’s world, crafting a schedule into a puzzle-like calendar, and getting them geared up for a summer of new discoveries and adventures. And, while we might be a bit biased, we think what’s on their feet plays a big part in making it the “best summer ever!”

From sprinting through the backyard sprinklers (or round and round your condo living room if you’re an apartment dweller) to the playground or kiddie pool if yours is open—kids still have a lot going on. That’s why they need footwear to match their pace, which during the dog days of summer means swimsuits, rash guards, and sandals day in and day out.

Whether checking a packing list for overnight camp or a day camp, here are some tips to make it easier to find shoes and closed-toe sandals that they love with all the protection, support, and functionality that give you peace of mind, too. (Plus, see our picks for Hobibear Kids sandals that check off all the boxes.)

The best kids’ sandals are super easy to slip on (in case the ice cream truck is driving by, obviously) but sturdy enough that your kid can run in the grass without face planting. Truly comfortable shoes for kids means they won’t notice them, even after hours on their feet. Instead of “Mommy, my feet hurt!” complaints, you’ll be hearing random facts about the Paw Patrol (it’s for the best, really). Plus they need to last long enough to not fall apart before your kid grows out of them.

Here are some of the best mom-approved kid’s summer sandals for all of your summer adventures.

HOBIBEAR Outdoor Sandals

These closed-toe sandals are made to handle to rough, tough, and dirty adventures that you’re little one get’s themselves into. You can dress them up or down, and they’ll be comfortable all day long. One Buyer reviewer said, “My son is really picky and sensitive when it comes to his feet. These are easy to put in and great feel for my son. They are sturdy. 100% worth the money and I’d buy them again. They have a quality feel to them, they don’t feel cheap or cheaply made.”



Bungee and hook-and-loop closures make it super easy for kids to quickly get in and out of their shoes, while also giving them a secure fit. Plus, there are no laces to tie or trip on either.


Kids Slide Sandals


Toddlers really have a lot of criteria for a good sandal, if you think about it. They have to be comfortable enough for them to waddle around in, but also look cute, obviously. You have your choice of two models and seven colors: One choice is clogs with backs and the other is slip on slide sandals. Both come in bright colors your little dude or dudette will love. Or you can get both versions because the price is right. These are very budget-friendly for feet that are constantly growing. With one parent writing, “Nice, versatile slide-ons. Great for the shower, the beach, the pool, the backyard, or even around the house. They seem to lasting well, too. Kiddo says they’re comfortable.”



Need more supplies to make your kid’s summer even more fun? Check out kid’s gear for everything you need.

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