Why are barefoot shoes important for your health?

Why Barefoot Footwear

Our Mission HOBIBEAR®

Es innegable que el comportamiento de las personas provoca emisiones de carbono. Walking is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to get around, and Hobibear, a brand that manufactures and distributes footwear, has been working hard to reduce its carbon footprint.

we are HOBIBEAR®

HOBIBEAR has been developing, producing and selling shoes since its foundation in the 1990s. Today, our shoes are sold all over the world and the research, development and production of barefoot shoes will be our next focus. We will continue to offer our customers an unparalleled shopping experience focused on foot health and sustainability.


A barefoot shoe is a wide-mouthed shoe.

I think we all know the feeling when shoes squeeze our feet, especially in the toe area. Improper shoe wear restricts toe development and growth (especially in children's feet) and most likely leads to bunions. Barefoot shoes do not have the sensation of pinching the toes. If you have this sensation, you have chosen a size too small. With barefoot shoes, the wide toe box gives your feet the freedom to develop and move as if you were not wearing shoes. HOBIBEAR barefoot shoes have a very wide toe box to ensure that your toes have enough room to move and develop properly.


Why Barefoot FootwearThe Barefoot Shoe Offers You Zero Positioning

The zero position is one of the biggest differences between barefoot shoes and regular shoes. It also ensures that walking in barefoot shoes is as close as possible to walking barefoot. This means that the shoes are as close to the ground as they would be without shoes, so the pressure on the feet is evenly distributed across the soles of the feet, and there is no muscle cramping or wear and tear on the joints as a result of uneven pressure.

Barefoot Shoe Has a Very Thin Sole

Barefoot shoes have thin soles. The thinner the sole, the better it feels when walking barefoot, like a massage with every step.HOHBIBEAR barefoot shoes have found the right balance in the construction of the sole, which is made of natural rubber and is only 4 mm thick, thin and flexible, making it both thin and light, and very resistant to wear.


Barefoot shoes are flexible and lightweight

The flexibility of the sole allows the feet to move freely and the sole molds to the ground to ensure optimal ground contact. The lightweight, thin soles allow unrestricted foot movement and ensure a natural, healthy gait, making the shoe an aid rather than a burden.

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