How to Clean Your snow boots in 2022 Winter!

How to Clean Your snow boots in 2022 Winter!

The problem with snow boots is their suede exterior. Sure it looks good, although some would argue that, but it sucks as a winter boot material.

As with anything, ongoing maintenance is crucial now. Snow boots can last a long time, and as long as you give them the TLC they deserve, they'll be in good shape. There are two parts to clean.

There's getting rid of the stains, and then there's actually cleaning them, which you can do on your snow boots every so often to help them stay in good shape.

I'm going to cover three types of stains: oil and grease stains, dirt in salt stains, and water spots

1. Cleaning Oil and Grease Stains From Snow Boots

Now these boots don't have any oil or grease stains, but if yours do, here are four easy steps to rectify said stain step one takes a piece of white chalk, not colour, chalk and gently colour over the grease or oil, stain something like this, I'm just making it up because I don't have an oil stain.

Still, just something gentle because chalk absorbs oil now.

If you don't have white chalk, you can use a pinch of cornstarch and sprinkle it over top of the stain, then gently pat it down. You want to get really good coverage of that oil stain because the powder from the chalk or the cornstarch is what's going to absorb that oil.

So you're going to let this sit overnight chalk cornstarch, whatever its absorbent, and it needs time to suck up the oil in the grease now, step three in the morning, dust it off gently, and I'm using an old paintbrush and use that to brush off the chalk, and you'll just do this gently and step four because of the chalk, your boot will be slightly discoloured, and of course, it will probably need a good cleaning anyway so you'll just clean the snow boots as usual and that we're going to cover in the second half of the video next we'll cover dirt and salt stains.

2. Cleaning Dirt In Salt Stains From Snow Boots

If you have salt or dirt stains, here's how you get rid of them. In step one, you're going to brush the boot in one direction. Ideally, you're going to work top to bottom and remove any surface dirt or grime. Now you need to pick up a speciality suede brush to do these nylon bristles.

Significant step two is if you have a shiny matador stain, you can use a pencil eraser to spot rub it out, or some suede brushes come with this little rubber piece already, so that's handy step three you're going to wet the isolated stain area with a little bit of water, now this opens up the leather to be able to accept the stain treatment you're going to let the water sink in for a few moments before you move on now keep in mind that too much water can deformed the shape of the boot, so be careful.

In the final step, you will use suede to stay cleaner and follow the directions.

You're going to add a dab o cleaner to your sponge, wet the sponge and rub it on the stained area in a circular motion.

Alternatively, you can use a one-to-one mixture of white vinegar and water as a stain remover, but if you can find a proper suede stain remover, I tasted with that water spots slash water.

3. Cleaning Water Spots

Stains are the final one we're going to cover now.

While finishing this article, I tried a water stain method that I read online and how it's supposed to work is you take a clean piece of suede from somewhere else on the boot.

You rub it against sustained the problem because this didn't work at all, so my advice to tackle water stains is to give an excellent overall cleaning, which I'll show you how to do now. Here's what you're going to need a suede brush.

You can use one like this or one like this so long as these are nylon or a suede cleaner, or you can use a homemade mixture of water and vinegar. You'll need some newsprint or a paper towel.

You'll need a soft sponge and a cotton cloth. You'll brush the entire boot from top to bottom with your suede brush. Now this will soften the nap, loosens any dirt, and prepares it for the vital cleaning step. You're going to moisten the exterior.

Of the boot with clean, cool water, you can use a clean, soft sponge or a cotton cloth to do this. Now you don't want to soak the snow boots, but you just want to get them a little bit wet next.

You're going to use your suede cleaner as directed and start cleaning the snow boots, starting at the top and working your way to the bottom.

Then we're going to use a clean cloth and clean water and rinse the cleaner off the boots, stuff the snow boots with a paper towel or crumbled up a magazine or newsprint you want to stuff it so that when the boot dries, it will form nicely as opposed to losing its shape which happens when the leather becomes wet, and then dry you're going to leave them to dry for 24 hours and before stuffing you can stuff silica gel packs into the bottom of each boot to assist with moisture removal, now don't leave the boots in the sun close to any heat registers fireplace is a furnace because heat warps.

4. summary

Leather and it will leave your boots misshapen, and you'll be really sad. I mean, these are expensive. The next day I pulled out the newspaper and was super pumped to see that the boots looked so much cleaner and that almost all of the stains were gone.

Now to more essential steps before you wear the boots.

First, you'll brush the boots if they're swayed with your suede brush to even out the nap.

Then the second step for any boot is you're going to spray it with a protective spray in conditioner and let the boots it for about twelve to 24 hours, which will protect them from stains and moisture.

But you already know that now you may find that they fit more snug than usual, that's OK.

You need to wear them and let them reform to your feet, and on our super fantastic blog, we've got way more tips and tricks for cleaning your snow boots



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